Bård Tørdal CV

CV Bård Andreas Tørdal (born Løftingsmo), visual artist

Born 1972. From Harstad in northern Norway, lives and works in Tørdal, Telemark
Most of my recent work has been in collaboration with Hilde Tordal and we have been working as an artist group since 2000.
mail: bard[at]tordal.no
cell: + 47 91136227

06-08 Ikada, incubator for entrepreneurs from fine arts, architecture, design and philosophic studies, Oslo
06 Entrepreneurs Business Plan, master level course, Oslo University
95-99 Trondheim Art Academy, 4-years Bachelors degree, NTNU
93-95 Kabelvåg Art School
91-93 Btt50m Lva Bn Andøya, RNOAF

Upcoming Exhibitions & Events
20 Kristiansand Kunsthall
19 Spriten Kunsthall, Skien

17 Babel, Trondheim (Group Show)
16 Beijing Design Week (Group Show)
15 Sørlandsutstillingen (Group show)
15 “Papp on Green I” The Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery Show, Museum of Contemporary Art Monterrey, (MARCO), Mexico (Group show)
14 Harstad Kunstforening (Group show)
14 “Papp on Green I” The Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery Show, Berlin (Group show)
13 Workshop (Papp) Uovo Kids, Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Technologia Leonardo da Vinci
12 Solo exhibition and workshop, DogA – The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, Oslo
12 Gallery Tipi, Oslo
11 RAM Gallery, solo exhibition, Oslo
11 Workshop (Papp) KidsPatch, Beograd
11 Pictoplasma Character Walk, Berlin Weekly, solo exhibition, Berlin
11 Pictoplasma Conference, Artists Talk, Babylon/Volksbühne, Berlin
11 Artist of the month, Telemark Kunstnersenter
10 Papp solo exhibition, Porsgrunn Art Society, Telemark
10 ‘Ceci n’est pas un pissoir’, Nisjelandet, by:Larm, Oslo music festival
07 Oneiro, Gallerie Fruehesorge, Berlin
07 Ghost, Trondelag Center for Contemporary Art, Trondheim
06 Animation in “Fukt”
05 Ghost, The Annual National Exhibition, Kunstnernes hus, Oslo
05 Ghost, Galleri Nord-Norge, Harstad
05 Ghost, Beta 2.0, BEK, Bergen
05 Ghost, Rogaland Art Center, Stavanger
04 Bastard boyscouts, Trondheim Matchmaking, TEKS, (Trondheim Electronic Art Centre), Trondelag Center for Contemporary Art
02 Bean Bag Crisis, Biennale South 2002, Sørlandets Art Museum, Kristiansand
01 Ad Lib, Galleri Trans Art, Trondheim
01 Icons featured in “Mac life”, Feb. 2001, Japan
01 Icons in “Fukt”, May 2001, Nordic distribution
01 A perfect day, Opening Exhibition Galleri Trans Art, Trondheim
99-01 Drone, Detox, touring group exhibition, Riksutstillinger, Norway and Island
00 Butterfly searching for a relax, Young artists at Festspillene i Nord-Norge, FINN, Harstad
99 Fido, Art Academy Final Show, Edsvik, Stockholm
99 Fido, Art Academy Final Show, Trondheim Art Museum
98 Fido, The Annual National Exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
97 Hype, Driehoekjes, Den Haag Nederland
97 For a crow with no legs, The Annual National Exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
96 Five Nordic Academy students, Kulturverket i Halmstad, Sverige

Grants and scholarships
17 Project Grant, Art and New Technology, Norwegian Arts Council
17 Project Grant, BKV
16 Travelgrant, Stikk, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UD (DogA)
16 Travelgrant, Telemark Fylkeskommune
16 Travelgrant, Drangedal Kommune
13 Travelgrant, BKH
12 Investmentgrant, Drangedal Næringselskap AS
11 Prosjectgrant, Art and new technology, Norsk Kulturråd
11 URO-funding, UKRUTT, Drangedal kommune, KORO
11 Equipment grant, Drangedal kommune
11 Grant, Vekst i Grenland
10 Grant for product development, Innovation Norway
09 Scholarship, Kunstløftet, Arts Council Norway
09 Project grant, Art and New Technology, Arts Council Norway
07 Entrepeneur Grant, Innovation Norway Telemark
07 Equipment Grant, Ikada/Innovation Norway Oslo
06 BKH work grant 1-year
04 Project grant NBK
04 Project grant Arts Council Norway
04 Art & New Technology, Arts Council Norway
01 Equipment grant, Arts Council Norway
01 Projectgrant, NBK
00 Project grant and Debutant support,, Arts Council Norway
00 3-year work grant for younger artists, State Scholarship
99 Leif Anders Larsens memorialfund
99 Art & New Technology, Arts Council Norway
99 Young artists grant, Festspillene i Nord-Norge
99 Projectgrant, NBK
99 Equipment grant, Arts Council Norway
98 BKH 3rd-year academy grant
98 Projectgrant, BKV
Public Commissions and part of collection
16 Odderøya Renseanlegg, Kristiansand
12 Lunde Barneskole, Skien, Telemark County
11 Menstadhallen, Skien, Telemark County
10 Papp, Telemark Art Center / Kulturskatten, Telemark County

Educational employment, consultant work and lectures
16 Beijing Design Week, Workshop
16 Robot workshop, Kristiansand Kunsthall
10-11 Touring exhibition “Papp” to all gymnasiums in Telemark region, Telemark County
08 Robotics and arts workshop Nuk++, FiNN, Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Harstad
06 Lecture for the master students at interaction design, AHiO
06 Workshop, Basic Stamp II, TEKS, Trondheim
05 Guest teacher, Bergen Art Academy
05 Lecture for the master students at interaction design, AHiO
04 Technical consultant, Jens Lerdal
04 Teacher, Form, Photoshop and Illustrator, MI
99-03 Technical consultant, Henrik Haakanson
03 Technical consultant, Karin Persson & Charlotte Enström and H.C. Gilje and Kreutzerkompaniet
00 Exhibition leader, Riksutstillinger, Detox
00 Guest teacher, Trondheim Art Academy

NBK (Norwegian Visual Artists Association)
BiT (Artists Association Telemark)
NBF (The Association of Norwegian Sculptors)

Current positions and commissions
Teacher, digital department/3D-printing, Kragerø Kunstskole

Previous positions and commissions
17-19 Chairman of the board SU (Sørlandsutstillingen)
15-17 Board Member SU (Sørlandsutstillingen)
11-15 Deputy Board Member SU (Sørlandsutstillingen)

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